terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Caminho saudoso...

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  1. It seems to me that this long and lonely path suggests that the picture has been posted by someone who is on a journey of uncertainty but at least is headed for the bright dawn of a new day full of hope and expectation.

    That there is no one else on this path might be misleading? There could be a whole multitude of family and friends watching with love and unswerving support for the traveller.

    The traveller must take this path even though it appears to be endless because it will lead to a wonderful new world of opportunities, happiness and fulfilment. So fearful traveller, Pedro, be resolute, take the path and rely on your family and friends to support you on that journey of uncertainty.
    J A V 25.02.2011

  2. The Journey Continues:
    It is now six weeks since the fearful traveller began on the path of uncertainty towards the first cross-roads of the journey. A quarter of the distance to this first goal has been covered. The traveller almost turned back even as the journey started! Bullying, cajoling and persuasion by one of the traveller’s most devoted supporters might have helped to convince the fearful traveller that the journey had to be continued – for hesitantly progress is being made.
    The traveller is getting used to the uneven and sometimes bumpy path.
    As confidence increases the traveller no longer seems to need the intense concern of the fervent supporter.
    The traveller and supporter might not have known each other long before the journey started, and there might be a great distance between them, but they did share moments of gentle tenderness linked together in a world of virtual reality, seeing each other as if through a vision.
    But now as the traveller begins to find the length of stride needed to accomplish this first part of the journey it seems that there might no longer be time, or inclination, to continue those meetings in the world of virtual reality. Thus leaving the devoted supporter sad and alone, accompanying the traveller on a parallel path but without being able to reach out and touch the traveller as before.
    Let us hope that amidst the excitements and new experiences of the journey the yet fearful traveller will still have time for a look over the shoulder and offer a smile to the devoted supporter who is keeping pace all along the way and will always be there to support the traveller?

    The Narrator (18.03.2011)