terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Bin Laden Morto...

A semana do planeta azul iniciou-se com a notícias mais deseja, para alguns lideres mundiais: Bin Laden foi morto pelas tropas norte-americanas.
Este feito celebrou-se em muitas cidades norte americanas, algumas europeias e Asiáticas. Embora compreenda as manifestações de alegria com este feito, receio que o espectáculo televisivo corroa ao mundo árabe. Claro está que estes quererão defender a "honra do seu líder".
Este símbolo do terrorismo teve como destino final do seu corpo o... mar! Estranhamente, não foram mostradas, ainda, imagens do corpo. O exibicionismo americano ainda não surgiu... mas cautela com ele.
Aguarda-se mais informações desta (suposta) morte...

Nota: esta imagem é uma montagem. Não é real!

2 comentários:

  1. Alguns suspiram de alívio. Outros ardem de raiva.
    Será preciso imitar o vencido para se tornar um vencedor?
    O que viveu matando acabou morto.
    O mundo perdeu uma ameaça. Mas será que ganhou tranquilidade?
    Alguém reclamará vitória. Não é, porém, a paz que se prepara para vencer.

  2. Well, Pedro, firstly I must express my surprise that you find it necessary to illustrate your article with such a lurid and fictitious picture. It is most unlike your normally sensitive approach! Perhaps you have been caught up in the hysteria that seems to have gripped the USA in recent days?

    I think that by now we may assume that the information that has emerged from the White House is correct – although it has to be admitted that one has to be very careful in believing anything emanating from that source!

    The news of the death of such an evil person must be applauded – as was the death of Hitler almost exactly 66 years ago. But the manner in which it was effected may be questioned by some. Of course one should not be surprised as the USA still has the death penalty in some States and so judicial death is less surprising for the citizens of the USA.

    The way in which the news was released is unfortunately typical of a Nation that is utterly unable to ‘engage brain before opening mouth’ and the biggest casualty of this inability is truth itself. Who can seriously believe anything when the initial reports are immediately amended, once, twice....!

    It is also surprising that the USA – born of a revolution that overthrew the legitimate Government – does not understand that one person’s ‘terrorist’ is another person’s ‘freedom-fighter’. Nor has the USA learned any of the lessons from history that deal with Empires and the way in which the subjected peoples are treated. You will understand this being Portuguese with the Brazilian Empire as I do with the British Empire. One country should not just go and do what they please in another country – even in pursuit of an enemy.

    And so, Pedro, if I capture your thoughts correctly, I share your concern about the way in which this death will be seen by many. Time alone will tell.

    The Lisboa Visitor 05.05.2011